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This is a half day event, great for corporate days and stag /Hen parties - A very popular event! 
It involves using some hand held Garmin GPS units to locate various objects around the site, initially on foot until you locate your vehicles and keys. 
Then you will be shown how to drive the vehicles, and from then on you will be driving those vehicles around to locate further items and complete some simple team building tasks both mental & physical challenges, and also participating in a fun quiz.  
Please note guests will spend time outside the vehicle doing physical & mental tasks over rough terrai, so dress for weather conditions. 
£60 per person (minimum 6 to maximum 20 persons 
using at least two cars competeing against each other . Tag on an extra activity to receive a further discount!!! 
You may be competing against other teams on busy days, if we have other teams booked in we can take groups of 4 people per team. 
The Winning team receive medals and bubbly- great for corporate days and Stag & Hen events 
We also have a Family GPS Challenge see family deals 


We have our on-site cafe open for snacks and drinks. For more information please call our office. We can take pre-orders for meal deals or hot/cold buffets from £4 Per head see our catering page