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Go Karting 

We use two locations in Nottingham for our Go Karting , both withon easy reach of our main site at Lockwell Hill both within 5 miles radius, One track is all outdoors and has a 550m outdoor pro-kart track, suitable for ages 17+ The other site has both Indoor and outdoor tracks and is the closest go karting venue to Nottingham 
Events Range in Price from £15 - £40 
The larger track runs the double sprint and the endurance event, a trophy medal will be given to the fastest driver/team. 
The 30 min and the Grand prix event take place at the smaller go karting track where a maximum of 4-5 karts be on the tracks at one time. The events on offer are an adrenalin junkies dream. It has a challenging and varied track that runs both indoors and outdoors with hair-pin bends, long straights, exhilarating corners and much more, you really will have your racing skills challenged on our technical track. Available for 12 years and overmust be 5ft tall . 
So why not come along and join us for a go karting race to remember. 
Included in the price is all your equipment hire, safety gear and some fast and furious racing.  
Double Sprint 
minimum 10 persons+ 
£40.00 per person -17 years* 
Set on a 550m pro kart circuit 
This comprises of two 15 min sprint races 
Up to 14 drivers go out at one time. 
Please note this activity takes place approx 5 miles north from our centre 
suitable 1-10 persons 
30 Mins for £25 
Drive Time and Drive Time Plus allow you to get straight out on to the track and improve your lap times. There are no practice laps, no pit stops, no driver swopping so what are you waiting for? 
Maximum 4-5 karts on the track at one time. 
please note this activity takes place at a location 3 miles south from our centre 
Grand Prix 
suitable 6-12 persons 
1-2 hours 
Included in the price is a practice session of 5 minutes followed by two 8 minute races per person to decide who the fastest drivers are, the top drivers from the event will then face off against each other in a grand final for bragging rights to who is the best driver! Included is all your equipment hire and safety gear. Use your practice time wisely to work out your racing line as it will get competitive once you enter race mode 
Maximum 4-5 karts on the track at one time 
Please note this activity takes place approx 3 mile south from our centre. 
suitable for 15 or more 
£ 40 per person  
Endurance racing is a team event where the group is split up into a number of teams, min 5 teams max 14 teams racing against each other. Each team consists of 2-3 drivers. Each team operates a single kart shared between the drivers.  
All drivers get a 5 min practice session which determines their grid position in the main event. 
The endurance event then starts with the object being to get the most laps in the time  
Trophys are given to the winning team members. 
Please note this activity takes place approx 5 miles north from our centre