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It's been a very busy weekend for 4x4. We have recently started a new way for smaller groups to participate in the 4x4 GPS Challenge.This is by putting your group up against other small groups. The first GPS session of this kind took place on Sat and was brilliant fun!  
Our 3 groups this weekend were Chris Richardsons group, Ian Cooks group and Gavin Allens group aka The blackpool doormen! Of course things were as eventful as ever with our resident Sam 'Britney' Berry getiing his team stuck in the mud (oops he did it again!) 
Our winners were ian cooks team who received medals and bubbly. 
We have also decided to run our Santa rides again this year. They will take place on 16th and 17th of December only. Bookings will be per car in which you may have upto 5 people (maximum of 4 children). You will trek around the woods following clues to help find the presents that Santa has lost. Once they have all been found each child will visit Santa and receive a small gift. Last year we were so busy with santa rides we had no time to prepare for festivities at home so, to keep our kiddies happy, we have decided to do 2 full days of santa rides and then the big man himself will have more time to stock his sleigh! Prices will be £40 per car. Early booking is advised. 
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