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This Fathers day why not try something different ! We are running a activity day suitable for the whole family to join in with if they want !  
Running on 17th June we will start at 10am and finish around 3pm. During this time you will enjoy combat games which include -  
SACK RACE – Relay style race. In a sack you must race around the track and get over the hurdles. The first team to get all of their team players around the track wins. 
JIGSAW HUNT – Hunt in the woods for 4 jigsaw pieces per team, once they are all found complete the jigsaw to reveal the code, the first team to enter the code into the treasure box wins. 
BLINDFOLD MAZE – Your team must verbally guide each player to find cones in the maze, the first team back to base with all the cones are the winners. 
TUG OF WAR – Best of 5, each team is on the end of a rope, pull the other team past your posts to win the round. 
MONKEY TRAIL – Assault course. Each team must work together to make it around our assault course. Fastest team wins. 
REVERSE SITTING – Your team must verbally guide each player, who will be blindfolded, to sit on a chair which is located behind them. The blindfolded player must only walk backwards.  
After combat games you will break for a hot lunch which is also included in the price. 
After lunch you will bomb around on a QUAD BIKE and then delight in either - 
WATER GUN SKIRMISH – 3 games, each team player is given a water gun, they must find the cones hidden in the skirmish area and return them to base all the time trying to slow down the other team by drenching them! The team to return all the cones to base first are the winners. 
All for the small cost of £40 per person age 6 - 14  
£50 age 15+ 
This will no doubt be a popular day therefore early booking is advised ! To make a booking Call us on 0115 9539865 or email  
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