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Many Thank to Jason Mueller for this gratguest blog onthe History of Land Rover 
In 1947 Maurice Wilks and his brother Spencer Wilks created the Land Rover; they saw a gap in the market for a farm and heavy duty personal vehicle, so they got their hands dirty and were on it. Inspired and taking the World War ll - era Jeep as their muse, they took pieces from war aircraft aluminum, making this the star icon green color of The Rover, also making the Rover very durable and affordable to ship
Land Rover's first prototype appeared at the Amsterdam motor show in 1947, achieving the export of their Land Rover to 68 countries. With the steering wheel in the middle, it was called the Road Rover. This masterpiece of industrial design kept their look as their biggest trophy. 
In 1954 they decided to put a diesel engine, and from there, their wonderful idea of this magnificent vehicle started a long, hopefully very lasting, prosperous and possibly immortal life. 
1958 – 1961 (Land Rover Series II ) 
Land Rover series ll was introduced in 1958, it was wider and it had a 2.25 liter petrol engine. The shape of the series ll Land Rover is what gave the Land Rover its characteristic looks. 
The body and dash had some changes, along with the new 2.25 liter diesel engine; a 2.6 six-cylinder petrol engine was available in the 109 long wheel models. 
Many of these are still running today, in fact, 70% of ll series 1 and ll are still running and people have different uses for them, they either collect them to do modifications or to do farm labor in between others including personal use. 
1971 – 1985 (Land Rover Series lll) 
There were a lot of transformations during this period. 
In almost all series the look remained almost unchanged, but many little changes were upgraded, like a plastic grill or the headlight that was mounted in the wings, but most importantly in this period, Land Rover Ltd. as a company was formed. 
1971 – 1985 Land Rover Lightweight 
The air portable Land Rover was launched, a vehicle that can literally be pulled by helicopters, it was built mostly for the Ministry of Defense and was a great off-road vehicle that became one of more favorite and valuable for civilians. 
(1983 – Present) Defender 
To be able to fight competition, these new models incorporated modern systems like constant 4wd, five-speed gearbox, and power steering options. 
They were introduced with the following characteristics. 
1. 2¼ (older models only) 
2. 2.5 liter 
3. 3.5 as well 
1. 2¼ (for oldest models) 
2. 2.5 ( from 1984 - 1986) 
3. 2.5 T/D ( from 1986 to 1990) 
4. 2.5 Tdi 200 series ( from 1990 - 1994) 
5. 2.5 Tdi 300 series (from 1994 - 1998) 
6. TD5 (1998) 
7. 2.4 Tdci (from 2007 - Present) 
The Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover one ten, where the prizes of the now known Defender name that started in the late 90s, developed from the original Land Rover series, this vehicle is comfortable and combined with 4 wheel drive, making it perfect for both on road and off-road. It had an amazing run for 67 years until it finally stopped production in 2016, luckily for us Land Rover lovers, Jaguar Land Rover is announcing to make a completely new Defender Works V8 400bhp special edition. 
The Discovery was introduced. 
More of a family vehicle but with amazing 4x4 features. 
Land Rover was sold to BMW. 
Range Rover had big modifications. 
Now more of a luxury SUV, but with amazing off-road qualities. An all in one vehicle for the high class. 
The production of classic Range Rover terminated production. 
The Freelander was introduced. 
The CB40 is exposed to the press as the Freelander. Planned to compete beside 4x4s, such as Toyota. The Freelander fast converts to Europe's best selling 4 wheel drive vehicle on the market. 
Discovery Series ll was introduced. 
BMW sold Land Rover to the Automobile Company Ford. 
The Range Rover Mk 3 is presented to the media. 
The second most important remodel of the Range Rover is thrown. 
Discovery lll is introduced with an important re-model. 
Land Rover was sold in January of this year to Tata motors, established by Jaguar Land Rover Limited 
Land Rover has had a hell of a ride, a lot of obstacles, transformations, new owners, but that's what kept the Land Rover alive, really without the loyal fans Land Rover wouldn’t have been today the classic icon it is. 
From sponsoring college students from Oxford with trucks for epic drives across the Sahara, to inventing the monster truck demanded by the British Forestry Commission, dominating the Camel Trophy, going through the hardest and deepest jungle of the Amazon, Land Rover won the first Dakar Rally, from Paris to Dakar Senegal, loved by royalty like Queen Elizabeth who claims to have had various series of the Rover. 
Land Rover has one of the most exciting, thrilling, adventurous automobile histories of all time and from what we are hearing it will continue for some time. 
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